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2024: The Year of Love

In a world where division has too often taken center stage, it’s time to cast the most powerful vote of all — a vote for love. This year, let’s unite under the banner of harmony, empathy, and understanding. 


Vote Love: For Unity, For Compassion


We believe in a future where love is the guiding principle of every decision we make, from the halls of government to the streets of our neighborhoods. 


Join the movement to:

  •      Choose Unity: Stand together with individuals from all walks of life to create a stronger, more connected community.

  •       Choose Compassion:  Extend a hand of support, a word of kindness, and a gesture of inclusion to all.

  •       Choose Love:  Embrace our shared humanity and the belief that love can overcome adversity, bridge divides, and create a lasting peace.


      Your Voice, Your Heart, Your Vote


This isn't just a campaign — it's a commitment to each other. It's a pledge to listen more, to care deeply, and to lead with the heart. So this year, make your voice heard where it matters most. On the ballot, in your community, and in every interaction you have! Vote Love — for a future built on the foundation of love.

"dripped Out Art" in wood and vines
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